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Mini Compressor & Airbrush

A classic gravity feed airbrush with a powerful mini compressor with power control dial and airbrush holder. This Compact yet powerful system is compatible with Magic Colours Airbrush colours, classic and metallic*. THIS KIT CONTAINS: MC-100 Gravity Feed Airbrush Extra Strong MC-100 Mini Compressor Hose Noise Silencer + Humidity Controller…

Spray Machine

Spray Machine is a premium quality machine ideal for cocoa butter or velvet spray. • Powerful turbine • 2.5 m flexible hose pipe • HVLP SPRAY GUN • 250m1 cup with mark line • Air filter included • 110-120V • 400W • 0.8mm brass nozzle • 0.8 mm and 0.5mm…

Gold Drips Gel Colour

Create easy yet elegant drip finishes on your cakes with this brand new drip icing from Magic Colours. It may seem easy to create a drip effect but it's much harder than it looks, especially when you have to melt the chocolate, whip up the ganache and perfect the consistency.…

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