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Apyura Kesar Mastani Vegan

kesar mastani vegan has rich tastes of saffron with natural herb and spices pour over any entrements cakes and ice cream sundaes and make them tastier with non dairy products

Apyura Banarsi Paan Vegan

Banarasi paan is in itself a lot more than a refreshing treat, it is, in fact, a food with a wonderful experience. The intense flavour of sweet paan is now being used to crest fusion desserts including ice creams, cakes and fudge! . . Let’s celebrate this traditional flavour taking…

Choco Hazelnut Vegan

One of the most loved table spread flavours is definitely Choco hazelnut! Redesigning this classic with a richer and darker chocolate to better suit the Indian palette, Apyura Premium Spreads brings its own #madeinIndia version of the famous Choco hazelnut spread to now be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!…

Elaichi Toffee Vegan

Elaichi or cardamom is one of the most common Indian spices and it features in a number of our dishes, both sweet and savoury. Let your mouth water with the delicious aroma of cardamom which takes us back to the memories of biting into chewy ilaichi toffee. Feel the richness…

Filter Coffee Vegan

The aroma, the comforting warmth, and the loveliness of sitting cozily with a fresh cup, drinking coffee is a whole experience. The rich taste of filter coffee in a spoon is what we all love. Its delightful taste and stimulating aroma will make you feel fresh and alive! Bring your…

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