Haute Teinte Malted Barley Flour

Product Code: HTBARLEY | Brand: TWFFLOURS
"TWF Flours is a premium wheat flour brand that prides itself on its three pillars ⁠— Unadulterated, Unbleached and Unprocessed. We bring wheat flours to you, as intended by nature, untouched by regressive industrial processes. We’re a tech-driven company, inspired by the untold stories of innovation and alchemy, and dedicated to the mothers and fathers toiling away in the kitchens around the world. By bringing you only the highest quality grains, milled with a patent-pending process, we strive to ensure the highest bio-availability of nutrients for you and your loved ones. Our internet-connected, especially designed, dynamic stone mills grind your wheat only after you place an order. So your flour reaches you days fresh, not months old. Flours are a part of more than half of all meals, and nourish us all every day. Each pack of TWF Flours is crafted with care from the seed-up, with zero harmful additives. They travel in TWF’s signature high barrier multi-layer black bags, ensuring that the natural nutrients, freshness and aroma of your flour remain intact. TWF aspires to be a beacon of freshness, and innovation, by curating a range of unadulterated, unbleached and unprocessed wheat flours for all your flour needs!"
Item in Box
Item(s) 1
Shelf Life
Shelf Life Term 3 Months
Expiry Date
MFG Date
Length 21 CM
Width 13 CM
Height 8 CM
Country of Origin
Name of Country INDIA
Ingredient Type
Ingredient Information Barley Flour
Type Vegetarian
Formation Type Powder
Sugar Free
Fruit Content
Weight & Packaging
Net Weight 200 GMS
Gross Weight (with packaging) 400 GMS
Packaging Type Packet
Pack of 4 Net Weight
Pack of 4 Gross Weight
Drained Weight
Usages & Instructions
Applications Cake,Cupcake,Chocolate
Form Powder
A heart-healthy mix, malt contains fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6, which together lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of cardiac disease. Its dietary fiber helps reduce insulin activity and increases cholesterol absorption from the gut and encourages cholesterol breakdown.
Best stored in a cool dry place, Stays fresh longer in the refrigerator, Expiry Date: 4 weeks from the date of grinding.
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